Rahul Bhardwaj, an engineering graduate, like several others was in a huge dilemma. Inspite of a decent score from a recognized institute, he had fewer job prospects. Spending sleepless nights, Rahul wondered whether to pursue higher studies or settle with a less-paying job. In despair, he did what everyone usually does; turned to his college seniors for career advice.

“More than one lakh students pass out from engineering colleges” his senior suggested. “Do MBA, that will pay you more” he told Rahul.  

“You should have done it from some IIT” his father said, slashing down and punching his confidence.

As days passed, Rahul turned more tensed and was on the verge of nervous breakdown. He knows how more than 5 lakhs engineers turn unemployed each year. Worried for his future, he decided to get in touch with a Mentor.

Like a friend, philosopher and guide, his Mentor not only answered his queries but also helped him make career decisions wisely.  

“I was highly confused between taking an employment opportunity and higher studies. My Mentor advised me to invest my time in live projects that would give me a practical exposure to the industry and upgrade my skills at the same time,” Rahul replied flashing a smile.

“How much did this help you in making your career decisions?” we asked him.

“I am extremely thankful to my Mentor for giving a direction to me. I have more clarity in my head and definitely more confidence. Through this process of mentoring, I was guided, counselled, groomed and taught things like no one else did,” Rahul said and waved us goodbye.  

Not everyone is as lucky as Rahul to get the right career advice. While choosing a career, they struggle to find a foothold amid the high rate of unemployment of the country. Elaborating Rahul’s words, Mentoring is a long gradual process of guiding, educating and nourishing an individual which stems from a Mentor’s experience. Mentors are experienced professionals Mentor people who help Mentees steer clear of doubts, queries or confusions associated with education, job or skills.

Mentoring helps one become more empowered to make decisions, stay focused and on track in career through knowledge sharing, skills development, networking and a plethora of other ways.

We often turn to our college seniors, teachers or elder siblings for direction. On the contrary, their guidance proves to be little useful. However, when industry experts Mentor us, their guidance is substantial since they share their own learning. After all, they have been out there in the market before us and crossed the hurdles to make it easy for us!

In a nutshell, mentoring opens the horizon of thinking, paves a path to plan ahead and make better career or employment choices.