Is Your Current Job Affected Because of the Pandemic? If Yes, Read Further!

It is no mystery that the Covid-19 outbreak has taken over our lives. It has made an impact on almost every industry around the world, be it travel, entertainment, service, or even manufacturing. This is the reason why popular career mentoring platform for students and working professionals is receiving due importance in today’s unstable job market.

Some sectors experienced unexpected growth, whereas many were forced to slow down significantly. Moreover, human resources, learning, and development managers are in disarray as they are no longer just responsible for getting an organization’s employees up-to-speed on daily work-related affairs, they also have to do all this while working from home.

But what does this mean for people who have lost their jobs during the pandemic and for fresh graduates? Is your job safe? What issues are different industrial sectors dealing with, and what does the future hold for your career? 

As a career mentoring platform for students and working professionals, Intercell provides answers to all of the above questions and helps people mitigate any risks that concern their line of work. 

To help you make a sound career decision, we have gathered insights and career trends from some of the major industries detailing their current behavior, whether or not you can join them right now, and most importantly, what the future holds for them.

Retail Industry

With frequent lockdowns, retail and travel have been hit the worst due to Covid. Fewer people out and about means fewer sales for outlets and an overall slowdown of the entire sector. However, regardless of the slowed growth in the retail industry, online shopping has definitely boomed. Some reports suggest an overall growth of over 100% for the sector as a whole, with tech retail increasing by an intriguing 129%. Businesses dealing in essential goods have also experienced an upward shift in terms of overall sales. 

It is safe to say that the retail business is alive and well, albeit in a slightly different shroud. Also, many MNCs are still hiring and offering graduate schemes. However, you may have to work from home, with a transition to a workplace in a not-so-distant future.

The Tourism Industry

COVID-19 has brought the entire tourism industry to a standstill. According to the World Tourism Organization, it has been hit the worst amongst all the other affected industries. And unlike other sectors, the shift to online mediums isn’t doing much to stop the losses as according to one study, the online traffic for tourism has decreased by 73 percent worldwide. Some rough estimates suggest that more than 100 million jobs in the tourism industry were lost in 2020. 

There is, however, a glimmer of hope for the tourism industry, as many countries are set to reopen their borders soon. Careers after covid-19 in the sector will flourish again as travel companies will undoubtedly start hiring after the restrictions due to the pandemic are eased, and borders start to reopen. In terms of its overall future prospects, The United Nations Tourism Organization predicted that by 2030, the world would have more than 1.8 billion tourists

The Financial Industry

ith people having less money to invest in, financial institutions are not immune anymore. Many bank branches worldwide have been closed, and a drastic, almost uncontrollable, shift to mobile banking has been observed. Demand for customer services has also increased due to people having their finances being impacted by the pandemic. Many big players in the finance industry have made significant changes to their recruitment plans and have entirely, or in part, moved the process online. 

Coronavirus has also made finance firms accelerate digital banking, with entire departments now working from home. In the long term, customers’ reliance might reduce on the traditional bank branches, as fintech firms will be under the limelight with their versatility and ease of use approach. Continuous growth in consumers’ demand for online banking is a tell-tale sign that fintech firms will drive the finance industry’s future.

If we haven’t covered your concerned industry, then feel free to contact us anytime. At Intercell, we aim to be the best career counseling platform for students and working professionals. We provide unique insights as to what the current career trends are, how you should choose alternate career options, and what it will look for people pursuing their career after covid-19’s post-pandemic world. 

How To Upgrade Your Skills To Ace In The Post-pandemic World

Looking for a new job is not the same as it was before the coronavirus outbreak. Many companies are laying off employees, and alternate career options also seem bleak. Moreover, it is safe to confirm that traditional ways of hiring have also been disrupted. 

Brick-and-mortar businesses are itching to get onboard the online world of buying/selling, and even more, businesses are operating remotely. Are all of these sudden changes there to last? Well, if experts are to be believed, then yes. Companies have started investing heavily to keep their businesses running. This includes making drastic changes to their work culture and existing workplaces. So, it is reasonable to expect covid-19 to make a lasting change on how the world used to work before 2020.  

Here are some essential skills that will help your career in a post-pandemic world:

Digital Skills

Many companies just cannot maintain a physical workplace anymore. Due to this, many people are working from their homes, and digital skills like design, programming, and writing are in high demand. Therefore, being tech-savvy will only help your career during this pandemic.


The fast-changing conditions are now a part of the new work culture. Hence, your potential employers will want to know whether you have what it takes to quickly adapt to changes or not. So maintaining a flexible mindset is a must if you want to get where you want to professionally.


The pandemic has made the world even more competitive as resources are running dry. There is less money moving around. Thus, you’d need to negotiate more effectively if you want to make a profit. Proven negotiating skills will put you on top of the pecking order. This is due to the fact that regardless of the industry you choose, every business needs to sell its products and services to stay afloat.

Critical thinking

In an era where navigating through fake news and contradicting data is a daily struggle, it’s critical that a person can think on reasonable terms. This is why critical thinking is something that employers are looking out for and rate it as one of the top soft skills candidates may have.

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If you seek more advice from some of the best career counselors for students and working professionals, then you can find them at Intercell Career mentoring platform for students. We are always eager to help people better their careers. Explore how Covid-19 has directly affected different industries and what these sudden changes hold in store for graduates looking to join that sector.