Five tips to keep your professional career pandemic-free

Many economists had predicted a recession right at the start of the Covid pandemic. We can observe that more and more companies have adopted remote workspaces during the last year, amid the pandemic. In such a scenario, you might be questioning whether you should just assume that no one is hiring for the foreseeable future or if you should continue with your job hunt. Many experts believe that alternate career options and proper employee training and development are the solutions that can help people stay afloat. 

Numerous companies have already started online mentoring and training programs for their employees. For them, embracing change is the only option. Most HR departments and managers are revising work culture as careers after covid-19 are changing.

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Current conditions of quarantine and lockdowns have limited the scope of many businesses. Non-essential budgets are now drying up, which has led to many people finding their creative avenues obstructed. Businesses have started to realize the dire need of employee training and development. Also, aspirants alone have started to work on their individual resumes to stand out.

Useful tips to help you ensure a successful career and manage employee training and development

Elevate Your Skills

It is now the perfect time to bolster your qualifications. By analyzing job descriptions and listing required skills and experience, you can determine your strong and weak points. Accordingly,  you can brush your skills for a role when the job market is active again.

For example, your job description will likely require Google Analytics and Hootsuite if you’re interested in the profile of a social media or marketing specialist position. Being certified in either or both will make you the preferred candidate for the job.

Consider How Urgent Your Search is

If you can afford it, then you probably should avoid settling for anything less than what you deserve. It is already challenging to get on a recruiter’s radar right now. If you’re currently employed, then it would be better to make your current job more palatable. However, not being hasty about your job search will only help you in the long term when things get better.

Get Comfortable Networking Online

The industry requires a revised marketing strategy. Online mentoring and training programs for employees are hopeful routes as they allow you to seek insights from like-minded professionals online.

Joining professional groups on platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn can also help you run into relevant articles and chiming in on topics that allow you to expand and demonstrate your expertise.

Gather Intel

As Elon Musk said, “you don’t need college to learn stuff”, you should explore online resources to get all the info you need about your desired career. If you do land an interview, you’ll be able to demonstrate your understanding of the concerns leadership has.

Advocate for Yourself

The biggest lie we were told growing up was that success only requires hard work. This statement does not hold much water in today’s work culture, where the pandemic has limited human interactions. So, you must be much more vocal about the effort you are putting into your job.

Advocating for yourself, building genuine connections, and adopting a helpful mindset, will help you win at your career.

What Are the Careers That Will Thrive after Covid-19?

After a year of the pandemic, we have clear indications about the fields that will thrive post-Covid and which might shrink and collapse. When you look at it, many jobs just aren’t going to return in the post-pandemic world.

That being said, at Intercell, we are committed to ensuring you with the career guidance you need. We have compiled a list of sure-shot career options bound to thrive as businesses move forward during these trying times. Let’s discuss exactly what these jobs are.

List of sure-shot fulfilling career options

  • Careers in IT: As many companies are shifting their operations online, software developers, database administrators, computer systems analysts, etc., are in high demand. These professionals are the ones who keep the show going on web portals. They are also responsible for securing their company’s and their customer’s data.
  • Project managers: Gone are the days when entire teams used to work under a single roof. Distributed workforces have created their own unique issues. Hence, project managers who are accustomed to various platforms of dealing with teams will have a distinct advantage in the post-pandemic world.
  • HR talent: HR experts who can tackle the challenges created by lockdowns and covid restrictions are in demand as it is now harder to judge if a person is capable of doing a job as the requirement process has shifted online.
  • E-learning: Virtual mentors who give knowledge, enhance skill sets, and provide online career or academic guidance through online mentoring are all the rage in the covid riddled world. With more time in hand, people are opting for online courses, so now is the right time to invest in developing your own course if you possess a teachable skill.
  • Marketing: With the rapid growth of online marketplaces, businesses need marketers to make their brands visible to the world.
  • E-commerce specialists: Selling online is the only way to reach potential customers for many businesses amidst frequent lockdowns. If you know something about e-commerce, then it is your time to shine.
  • Content: As the online footfall increases, content websites require to keep their feed updated. Writers, videographers, photographers, and other creatives can find well-paying work, and the market is likely to increase even further.

Contact us today for guidance regarding employee training and development or individual careers advice. Learn how virtual mentors can help guide you through alternate career options in the post-pandemic world. Our online mentoring programs provide knowledge, skill development, and networking. They are designed to help you make better career choices and achieve success.