What to do when you have a hate-hate relationship with your job

Do you feel you hate your job? The first thing you need to do when this thought occurs to you, is to ask why do you hate it? Introspect.

Find out if it does not offer the career path you wanted, or it is not suited to your aptitude and talents. Or whether you hate your boss, colleagues, your salary, or your work environment. Most often it is a combination of many factors.

Sometimes we dread going to work simply because we find that it’s so much less interesting than our lives. But that is normal, according to research conducted by Pew Research Center.

It is possible to turn this job that you hate into a job you can tolerate if you take the correct steps. Here are some simple ways to achieve this:

Be Proud of your Work Space

Whatever the nature of your job, make cleanliness and organization a priority because you spend most of your time in that space. Make your space reflect your personality. This will become a comfortable and efficient place to concentrate and perform well.

Groom yourself Well

Clothes make the man/woman, as they say. Smart dressing is a sure-fire way to build confidence at work. This leads to a more pleasant workday. If you go to work looking shabby and tired, you may end up feeling just like you look.

Talk to your Boss Regularly

Even if your boss is not a very pleasant person, do this. Most people who are in charge tend to be passionate about the place they work in. When your workplace is draining you, it can be refreshing for you to sit down with your boss and understand his perspective on how things are going. You may even be inspired to improve your responsibilities, and the initiative will definitely be noticed.

Set Realistic Goals

Be realistic about your personal situation. What do you need to move forward? The job you hate now could be a necessity for what lies in store, but make sure that you don’t take shortcuts.

  • Instead of trying to impress your boss with tall promises, focus on working hard and achieving what’s in your power to do.
  • Doing a good job consistently is much more impactful.
  • Being kind to others will make them, and thus you too, happier. Doing this in a workplace that has negative vibes, will be a great relief to everyone.

Be consistently Early to Work

This is a goal that you can largely control, and it makes your job more tolerable. It seems strange that you should want to spend more time in a place you dislike, but in truth this habit will set a good pace for your own shift and give you good momentum. It’s also a proven way for you to stand out in the eyes of your seniors, possibly even leading to promotion opportunities to a position you might like!

Look out for the newer Employees

Remember how confused and disoriented you felt when you first started on a new job you know nothing about? Put new co-workers at ease by helping them find their place and to learn. This way you too feel good about this job you have and what you’ve learned there so far.

Learn as much as Possible

A wonderful way to break the monotony of your job is to train yourself to do more than what is expected of you. In certain jobs, this is possibly the only way to get promotions at all, for supervisors are always looking out for this kind of ambition.

Indulge in an Activity you’re Passionate about while you’re Not Working

Many people are probably not doing the job they see themselves in, in 10 years. Your passions may be somewhere else. This is a major reason why we often have trouble enjoying a job that isn’t taking us anywhere. It is important to always encourage your interests alongside your job. This could be a hobby, a sport, or even a side-business that is related to what you actually wish to do. This may even be a first step to starting your own business.

Don’t tire out your Coworkers by talking only about How Much You Hate Work

Tea-break conversations have this horrible habit of turning into a “Who has the most to complain?” competition. But complaining neither improves your job nor makes you feel better. Who wants to hear complaints anyway?! Take a break from work problems and talk about something that will make you happy.

Come up With Ideas to Make the Company Better

If there is anything that you feel needs improvement at work, come up with solutions proactively. You may even have a great idea that your boss will truly appreciate. An attitude of problem-solving is a great way to make positive changes to a difficult work environment. Be polite and respectful when discussing your views.

Have Fun with your Co-workers

Playing games and enjoying jokes with co-workers, without hampering productivity, is a great way to keep up morale. Many bosses realize this and encourage simple, short games to recharge everyone’s flagging energies.

Take Breaks

Take a quick walk, get fresh air, and some exercise instead of eating junk food at the office canteen and mindlessly browsing on your phone.

Be Grateful that you have a Job

Remember how lucky you are to have a job. Some people would give anything to have your job. Well, no job is going to be perfect or your goal in life. But make the best of it, and see how you can do to make your job more satisfactory.

Get Professional Help

Just in case you feel the need totalk with someone about your job situation, who better than an Intercell Mentor?! He or she will first listen to you, and then offer constructive, helpful suggestions on how to become happier in your job, and perhaps even start to love what you do!