Intercell starts International Mentoring Sessions

Knowledge grows when shared with others. At Intercell our core belief lies in nurturing this thought, resulting which we always go beyond the obvious. Intercell now steps into the International zone, marking the growth of our universal presence. Beyond the boundaries of distance and time, sessions would be conducted traversing the globe. This implies global access across borders for Mentees and Mentors.

We have an impressive line-up of International Mentors across 18 specializations and 250+ sub-specializations. Mentees can have access to Mentors and can request for sessions virtually from anywhere in the world. That’s how Intercell truly leverages the power of technology. This also makes us the one and only Virtual Mentor Network offering access to Mentors across the globe.

With the commencement of international Mentoring sessions, the company is inching towards the transformation of lives and meeting expectations of education 4.0. It has been anticipated that graduates would face a tough time with future job prospects. As competition gets rigid with each passing day, universities must align their teaching and processes with technological development. With the skills that one has, it would be difficult to match with the industry needs. Intercell thereby ensures that aligning these methods with skills would prepare students for this 4th industrial revolution.

In addition to technical skills, the need of the hour is soft skills, which is extremely crucial for the present competitive generation. Clearly our talent pool makes this seemingly difficult task simpler, hence creating a path to individual success.

Mentees can now connect with Mentors of their choice from any part of the world without facing the barriers of distance and time. This brings in convenience, as now Mentees are able to connect with their Mentor anytime, anywhere as per their suitability.

The future would comprise numerous fluctuations and benchmarks to meet.

Seeing challenges on the way? We say, bring them on!