Intercell starts International Mentoring Sessions

Knowledge grows when shared with others. At Intercell our core belief lies in nurturing this thought, resulting which we always go beyond the obvious. Intercell now steps into the International zone, marking the growth of our universal presence. Beyond the boundaries of distance and time, sessions would be conducted traversing the globe. This implies global […]

Mentoring Month: An Ode To Your Guiding Light

Mentors play a significant role in shaping us as individuals. From taking our first steps in the industry to life-changing career decisions, they stay with us like a steady pillar of strength. We always encourage great mentoring stories and intend to nurture this beautiful mentor-mentee relationship in all aspects. One such endeavor is celebrating January […]


Rahul Bhardwaj, an engineering graduate, like several others was in a huge dilemma. Inspite of a decent score from a recognized institute, he had fewer job prospects. Spending sleepless nights, Rahul wondered whether to pursue higher studies or settle with a less-paying job. In despair, he did what everyone usually does; turned to his college […]